Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a powerful impact on the global economy and hit businesses hard. This includes the mobile phone industry, which has been hit by factory closures, supply interruptions, and store shutdowns.

Regardless, the used and refurbished phone industry is doing better. Used phones have been a growing segment in the mobile market in the past few years. While shipments of new devices had initially stabilized and then began to fall, sales of used phones have shown strong growth since the first half of this decade.

NSYS team keeps our finger on the pulse of the mobile…

The G in this 5G stands for a generation of wireless technology.

Lately, there has been a lot of hype around the 5G topic. Investors are buying up shares of companies that implement the new standard. The companies themselves claim that this technology will turn the whole world upside down.

When speaking about networks of past generations, it was a question of global changes for the industry of smartphones, whereas in the context of 5G the IoT sector is usually considered to get the most benefits from the new standard.

Is that really so or will the market of used mobile devices experience another global breakthrough with the adoption of 5G? …

how to create a buyback website
how to create a buyback website

Buyback and trade-in of mobile phones started to widen their popularity and trust in the used devices industry. Cell phone buyback websites like Gazelle, Usell, Mazuma Mobile, and others are in great demand.

The key is that they provide a fast and convenient way for their customers to sell devices at the best price depending on the current condition of the cell phone or tablet.

To keep your business ahead of your competitors in 2021, we have launched a new custom and stand-alone buyback website script. …

The used mobile phone market potential is huge. According to Deloitte’s survey, only 37% of old phones are reused globally, while 41% are kept by owners. At the same time, the number of devices that people keep in a drawer is constantly increasing. In China, this number of old phones grew 2.6 times up to 524 million units during the last six years. The same is in Germany, where the potential of the market doubled up to 199.3 million units.

In other words, all the phones that people keep in their drawers are potentially hundreds of billions of dollars that…

The traditional chain of China’s second-hand mobile market consists of the following mediums: a client, a recycling station/retail store, a recycling company / a wholesaler

However, nowadays, due to the fact of switching to online trade, the number of participants has begun to increase drastically. That has led to all the fierce competition among them, which has propelled a more dynamic development. There are some drivers that are stimulating the development of the mobile market in China, especially in Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Drivers of the used phones market growth

China is entering a new stage of a more widespread acceptance of the used phones, as…

Over the past two years, telecom suppliers around the world have been actively building equipment for the next-generation 5G wireless network. 5G is estimated to be 20 times faster than 4G. The development of the 5G network will entail one of the largest smartphone upgrade supercycles. This supercycle is also supported by the growth in sales of used and refurbished phones amid the pandemic.

We have conducted our second research of the used and refurbished phones market, examining the demand for trade-in and buyback programs in the countries with the highest turnover of mobile devices.

What is this digest about?

  • Impact of the 5G ‘supercycle’…

Customers often look for an opportunity to update their iPhones, because new models appear every year. Even if consumers are not ready to buy new devices yet, they are most likely checking prices in order to sell their device as profitably as possible later.

Official prices for trade-in from Apple are publicly available and do not change as often as those of third parties. But these prices are not very attractive for consumers who want to hand over their device by trade-in.

Therefore, there are many opportunities in the market now. You can become a third party or streamline your…

Some internal defects are very difficult to determine during manual checking, which causes inaccuracies in the diagnostic processes of phones. Therefore, there is such a need for a diagnostic tool to check iPhone hardware properly. Any smartphone can have not only external defects but also internal ones. These can be either audio problems or a replaced battery. According to our experience, we have collected the most common and at the same time complex iPhone tests, that can be easily diagnosed with software.

The touchscreen is not working

iPhones have a lot of touchscreen issues where it stops responding or only displays a black screen. If…

Over the past year, we have been researching the mobile trade-In market, its trends, and prices. While the pandemic hit many companies around the world in Q2 2020, the aftermarket continues to be resilient and full of business opportunities. One of the most striking trends is the gradual growth of the trade-in market.

Another trend for Q3 2020 is the launch of the new 5G iPhone 12. Despite the fact that there are already 5G smartphones available on the market, the release of iPhone 12 will increase the hype for this kind of network. …

Companies that buy and sell used iPhones and Android-based phones need to test the hardware of mobile devices daily. To make sure that all the mobile devices are in proper functional condition, they run hardware tests. There are different ways to inspect device functionality. They can vary depending on the device brand and even the model. The diversity of hardware tests has become one of the main reasons why mobile businesses make mistakes when checking phones in batches.

iPhone hardware check

  1. Using an IMEI number. If you have iPhone’s IMEI number you can get basic information about the device. IMEI number allows you…

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