Automation of mobile device buyback process

Fast service helps to increase sales while accurate mobile device evaluation helps to avoid disputes with suppliers and customers. When put together, this results in an increase in profits. To achieve maximum speed without losing quality, it is not enough just to increase the number of employees and conduct training. Industry leaders need innovative technological solutions. One of such solutions is workflow automation with NSYS Buyback. Let’s talk about how automating the buyback process can increase your mobile device business profits and secure you and your employees.

1 Increase in speed

The faster the functional diagnostics and price estimation process, the more sales the company will be able to handle. There is no doubt that in matters of speed, the computer will overtake even the most qualified specialist. With NSYS Buyback, your testers no longer need to spend time using multiple apps, doing calculations and filling checklists. All data and records are kept and available in one system at any time.

Checking the device manually takes at least 15 minutes, while the diagnostic system integrated into NSYS Buyback will complete it in 3. Moreover, we have added our autograding service and so transformed Buyback into an ecosystem of solutions. Now you can make a complete assessment of the cosmetic condition and functions of devices in one place 5 times quicker! Multiply this figure by the number of devices. The difference is obvious.

2 Guarantees of objective and high-quality evaluation

Automated work excludes the human element almost completely and guarantees one hundred percent transparency and objectivity of the evaluation process. This is important because a lot of problems and disputes arise from both suppliers and customers due to poor-quality evaluation of devices. If too many smartphones are purchased for more than they are actually worth, your business will lose money. However, if you offer too little, you will simply lose the client since they will leave dissatisfied with the price.

In addition, individual workflows set up for each device or a group of devices depending on the standards of your company will help you get all the relevant data you require to determine the final price for specific models. As you progress through your workflow, you can see how the initial price changes as you go through different stages of the evaluation.

To avoid any unfounded claims, all information about the device must be clearly recorded. A diagnostic certificate will eliminate disputes with buyers and suppliers as well as limit your responsibility for possible defects or flaws identified in the future. NSYS Buyback will help you increase your profits while maintaining a strong reputation.

3 Simplify the tester’s duties and relieve them of responsibility for mistakes

Mistakes happen and they can cost a lot. Many business owners wrongly believe that they don’t need to automate their workflow because they’re happy with their sales volume and they have enough human resources to handle their operations and consistently turn a profit. However, don’t forget that as an employer you can’t always be sure of the sufficient competence of each person in your business.

When building up a decent multi-faceted workflow, one must take into account all possible risks. One of those risks has to do with the low effectiveness of individual members on your business team. When there’s a huge disparity between how much those with less experience and skill can deliver when compared to the rest of the team, a great solution would be to supplement the human resource with a technological resource.

With NSYS Buyback you can be sure that the device will be examined and evaluated accurately, eliminating human errors. The simple and user-friendly interface will be clear to employees of any skill level. Set up all the necessary tests in advance and your QA specialists will only have to press a couple of buttons.

Third-party programs to check IMEI, ESN, simlock status, etc. are no longer needed. When using the software, testers do not make such mistakes as entering the wrong IMEI or skipping crucial functional tests. The worker will definitely not forget to check any important information, will not accept a stolen or blacklisted phone.

Why NSYS Buyback

So, why is NSYS Buyback the cutting edge way to manage your trade-in business?

  • Automatic price calculation makes the process fair
  • Customizable test parameters allow for the evaluation of devices in accordance with your company’s standards
  • Immediate IMEI checks against ESN GSMA blacklist and SIM Lock status lookup prevent you from unprofitable deals
  • Simple switching to remote mode — you can continue operating outside of your retail store

Want to try out the whole buyback system or one of its component parts? You’re welcome to arrange a demo right now!



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